Our Mission

What I would Like to bring back is family values and doing more than whats expected. Taylor Made Lawns is a family business . We have pride , we actually do care , and are  intention is not to grow beyond what we can service in this manor.

Why you should choose a family lawn care company.

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Our Story

our Story

  Taylor Made Lawns a new way of thinking by owner Chris Taylor . Being in the lawn care industry for twenty seven years , I learned everything from customer service to how an office should be run . I have a vast knowledge of lawn care products and how they effect the lawns and environment , and what can go right and wrong with a lawn from every aspect .  What I found in the last ten years is that the personal side  and service side of lawn care is missing . Everyone seems to be charging more doing less . My goal is to make sure the customer has it all and feels like they are getting more than what they are paying for.

Is your home at one with nature? LET US help.

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